Manual labor

Manual labor Reserve time we saw .

in addition to the curriculum of another object-choreography.

This allowed us to reduce time to pure music and pure physical education.

Manual labor will serve as the subject synthetically developing visual perception and motor skills.

Famous English psychologist J.

Bruner, emphasizing a close connection between the in-and they obey him tellektom hand, writes that mastering capabilities hands at rationing skill and how it reaches the fullness of their capabilities, can tell a lot about thinking eloveka.

Labour lessons in primary school should be learned primarily development thinking hands.

These goals could not be better meets artistic hand work (modeling, sawing, embroidery, processing of various materials), during which, obedient to the will, performs the finest labor operations and develops harmoniously hand.

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And only a third

And only a third The fourth principle If I am wise father .

it is only because I teach my children to think, taking into account past and future problems, and lead to the wisdom of children, forming their position in life and the pursuit of higher goals, I have a loving heart enclosing the souls of children from harmful influences and desires that hinder their Development.

Erected a great temple Maybe you've heard the parable of the three masons.

One day they asked what they were doing.

The first employee said that puts bricks.

The second said that building a wall.

And only a third showed true respect for their work, answering: I raise up the temple.

If you ask a random question two fathers, how they perceive their role as head of the family, you can get as dissimilar answers.

One says, provides a family means to live.

The second one on the same subject another point of view: I bring up the children *.

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Situation. Sasha

Situation. Sasha He still does not account for its objective situation thinking person, so there is a shift of subject and object in the act of cognition.


Sasha (6 years), restless boy, agile and active, constantly draws so-called voynushki.

В How to treat such a drawing Decision.

Sasha, pretending that he cares about, freed from negative emotions, the state of tension and anxiety.

Constant reference to the same subjects in drawing helps him to get rid of the emotional state, which overwhelms him at the moment.

Child should draw what he wants and how he wants.

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If the human

If the human Otherwise ability to reflect external effects fade, the senses come in sluggish, passive state.

thinking and reduce activity.

We come to the strategy and tactics development.

If the human brain, the figurative expression Yefremov, colossal superstructure immersed in nature tentacles billion, reflecting all the hard necessity of nature, and therefore has a versatile space , the effect on brain development must go through the impact on the development of the whole of human nature, his entire body is associated with the brain.

Activity intellectual forces inherent early age grows high activity of two related forms of thinking: verbal and figurative, which in turn are based on the high sensitivity of the activity of governmental forms of perception.

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What does it mean

What does it mean If wisdom is, then who among us does not wish to raise her in their children? That is why the man who aspires to be a good father, is obliged to consider the following questions.

What does it mean to educate children in wisdom? What does make them look like Christ? How to achieve this? And how to check whether the goal is achieved? After such a time will come when the last word will be for the child.

And another important issue.

How to catch the father until it is too late to teach children to find the right solutions and strive for a life of wisdom? In search of answers I researched everything written on the subject by the Book of Proverbs, and discovered the following.

Solomon claims that before his father, there are three key tasks that are conducive to achieving the designated target.

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